Honda OdysseyWow, am I sitting up high now!  So high in fact, I can see over almost all the other vehicles on the road. What a feeling of power behind the wheel!  It’s also one of the benefits of ditching my much smaller and lower Honda Civic for a  newly equipped and very accessible van.

I’ve blogged about this before, starting with the agonizing decision to go from car to van. I didn’t feel ready mentally (was I giving up or giving in?) and I worried that the cost of a new van would crush me with debt. Or, the purchase of a used van would crush me with bills for future repairs.

The project felt like a lose-lose, but I pushed ahead because I knew I had to. I was getting more and more isolated since it was getting harder to transfer into my old car, much less take my wheelchair apart and haul into and out of the back seat.

What surprised me was how long it took — five months — to finally park the converted Honda Odyssey in my driveway. Financing took quite awhile to arrange, and the bad winter weather slowed up the process even mo