Have you caught Jimmy Wheelz yet?

He’s the star of a website, blog, animations and an illustrated book that’s scheduled to be released this summer. He’s also a young boy with spina bifida, modeled after his creator, WCMX rider and blogger Tony Torres.

Jimmy is adorable. He reminds me of Bobby from Bobby’s World (awesome show) — high-voiced and energetic. Being just like Tony is in real life, Jimmy is a manual chair-user too and is known for doing tricks, but the real heart of the story are the mysterious “minilights” —supernatural creatures that help Jimmy discover his true worth.

I’ve seen plenty of children’s books based on characters with disabilities before, but the science fiction-esque minilights are a nice touch.

Kids with disabilities could use more characters just like Jimmy. Thank you, Tony for putting such an important character into the world! And for sharing your story, your personal struggle, which I’m sure was no