Bill Fertig: Solving Problems in the Office and on the Beach

Resourcefulness. It is one of the qualities most tested by a spinal cord injury and one found in almost every successful person with SCI. The ability to adapt and cope when faced with adversity or difficult situations is a must when living with SCI. As the manager of the NSCIA Resource Center, Virginia member Bill Fertig has devoted his professional life to helping people with SCI discover their inner resourcefulness. To show that he not only talks the talk, but, shall we say, rolls the roll, he has launched a new beach wheelchair he designed because he simply wasn’t happy with the options on the market.

WillPullsBill-(3)Fertig, 59, was paralyzed 15 years ago in a motorcycle accident. A career police officer, he found his way back to emergency services as an emergency call dispatcher. Eight years ago, a vocational rehab worker suggested his