I had a deep thought the other night while lying in bed. What if in spite of my disability, I had been treated exactly the same as everybody else throughout my years of my being paralyzed? Would my journey have been as hard?

I’m talking about an alternative Alice in Wonderland-type World where peers never treated me any different, the public never treated me different, a fantasy world where my disability was a moot issue, like a mole on someone’s back.

What if this world existed? Would it have still bothered me to be disabled? I think … that’s a no.

Of course I miss not being able to move and feel my legs — desperately so — and would love them back. However the long and arduous road since my accident has only been long and arduous because of the way I’ve been treated.

The rest is all internal struggle. No one likes to be treated less-than, but that’s what happens when you have a disability. It’s really, really hard to adjust to.

If my physical disability hadn’t been accompanied by