Return is Ongoing
Reading Jessica Harthcock’s story

[“The High Costs of Walking,” March 2014] was totally amazing. We are also from Indiana and my son Fred goes to Next Steps in Chicago. He was diagnosed as an incomplete quad.  Return is still ongoing even though it has been eight years. He is now 47. His commitment to walk has kept us all involved to see this happen. I tried to contact Jessica through her website but for some reason cannot connect. Would like to let her know how amazing she is to share her story!
Helen Kralovansky
Hebron, Indiana

Time to Reduce Costs
It’s time to reduce the costs, so everyone with a spinal cord injury can benefit. The benefits are immense. I used crutches for years, now a powerchair. Fifty-three years with an SCI makes me understand the need for benefits for all.
James Monroe
Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Bound” to Chair?
Recently a local talk radio station posted a story on their web page using that term [“wheelchair bound”] to describe the person the story was about [“Say What? Wheelchair Advocate Writes ‘Wheelchair Bound’ in HuffPo,” March 14 blog by Bob Vogel]. This term annoys me so much that I posted a reply to the reporter asking them to stop using the term and provided the correct alternatives.

However, I once did a casual survey a few years ago of disabled members of an online support website and bulletin board, and the majority of the replies did not have an issue with this term.

Early in my injury I was told repeatedly that