Add or remove air-filled Comfort Cells as needed.

The latest press release from the Comfort Company is all about “bony prominences” and a trademarked “Low Friction Zone,” meaning it can only be supporting two things: sex toys and/or wheelchair seating solutions. Since you are reading this, you can probably guess which one is right.

The Vicair X-Series cushion line and GlideWear are the latest seating and positioning solutions from Comfort Company. Montana-based Comfort Company has been developing state-of-the-art seating and positioning equipment since 1987. The X-Series is a full line of air cushions built around Vicair’s Comfort Cells — small, soft air-filled packets. The web site touts a new coccygeal insert, a contoured top surface and a different bottom profile as key differences from previous Vicair cushions.

“We are ecstatic for this launch and very thankful to our ex