Angela BrayAngela J. Bray campaigned for a seat on the Niagara Falls School Board in New York — but lost. I wouldn’t be surprised if the openness she displays about her sexuality as a disabled woman convinced voters to cast their ballots for someone else. Headlines in local newspapers certainly didn’t help: “Disabled Model, Sex Coach Running for School Board,” and the tamer, “Falls School Board Candidate Bares Her Soul: Born with Disabilities, Bray Speaks Her Mind.”

“My skeletons are all on Facebook, not in my closet,” the 37-year-old told a reporter for the Buffalo News. A wheelchair user since she was a teen — she was born with bone and joint deformities and has recently been diagnosed with MS — Bray campaigned on the issue of making the school district “more transparent, officials more accessible and the schools better for all children — not just the disabled ones.”

Sounds good, but what really stuck in v