SleepSafe Beds have long been one of the better options for parents of kids with disabilities who require an enclosed sleeping situation. With the addition of a new manual-adjustable bed the company’s provided yet another solid choice for parents.

sleepsafe-bed-lowThe Manual SleepSafe Bed offers all the same safety and design options as SleepSafe’s other beds, but without the need for electricity. You can choose between three fully manual options that rely on cranks to control mattress height and head and knee elevations, and one hybrid with a crank and a remote to control mattress height. The beds are designed to meet or exceed FDA guidelines on entrapment and falls and offer a number of thoughtful options, including removable side panels, fun color choices and interior padding. My favorite design choice is the placement of the manual cranks on the side of the bed as opposed to at the foot.

“Our primary concern is always the child in the bed,” says Gregg Weinschreider, the president of SleepSafe Beds. “Typically cranks were located in the footboard. We wanted to provide a design that would allow better interaction between the parent and child. We also saw the possibilities of reducing the room needed for the bed.”

As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time lying prone in a hospital bed, I think this is brilliant. Now kids can look at their parents smiling faces and be reassured that nothing bad is going on while they “magically” rise or descend in their bed. For some kids that could be the difference between a quick, relaxing transition to sleep or a sleep-delaying tantrum.

The mom in this video provides an excellent overview of why the beds work so well —even if she is speaking about the electric version.

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