camp2Eve Hampton, 27, became paralyzed at age 13 of traverse myelitis and, like so many people with spinal cord injuries, she still carries a part of that young girl with her. Undergoing such a traumatic experience is why Robert Pratt felt a kindred connection to Eve, as he had a severe leg injury while serving in Iraq in 2006. Part of his leg was blown off and he became involved in adaptive sports to help his recovery. The two met while they were coaching at a wheelchair basketball camp for kids in San Diego.

Now fully recovered, minus some muscle tone and a few nasty scars, Robert has been forever changed, and says his injury made him see past Eve’s wheelchair to the attractive woman she is. It wasn’t easy in the beginning, with Eve and Robert living two hours away from one another, but somehow they made it work. Eventually they moved closer to one another in Arizona, and after a few years of dating, Robert finally