danceWith wedding season about to begin, the fears of having to dance at wedding receptions is once again rearing its ugly head in the psyches of wheelchair-users across the country. It’s funny how much a spinal cord injury can change the way we view things.

Before my injury, I was obsessed with wedding receptions and was always the last girl on the floor. After my injury, now a wheelchair-user and unable to move my legs, dancing no longer holds the same allure. I felt clunky, un-rhythmic and just plain embarrassed trying to dance in my wheelchair.

This was not the feeling I was used to. I knew dancing in a chair was possible, mind you. I saw the videos online, the suave wheelchair-users gliding across the dance floor like it’s butter, but try as I might I couldn’t do it in my own world.

While it may be difficult finding the courage to get out on the dance floor, once you’re out there (and maybe you’ve had a little bit of liquid courage) you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of. It feels amazing moving whatever you still got out on the floor, and it feels good to be out there with everyone else.

Maybe it’s fist pumping or it’s raisi