Brazil parking prank webHave you ever searched for an accessible parking spot only to find a vehicle illegally parked there? If so, then this Brazilian video of illegally parked cars getting the ultimate prank should bring a smile to your day.

Disclaimer: This absolutely falls into the “This would cool to do but DO NOT DO THIS!!!” category.

In the video a man named Tiago Fonseca says in Portuguese, “Today we will teach a lesson to those people who think they are smart and illegally park in accessible spots. Since they do not have placards on their cars we’re gonna do them a favor and provide some ID. But in a different way.” Fonseca smiles, holds up a can of water-soluble spray paint and gives it a few bursts.

The camera follows Fonseca as he goes to various cars parked illegally in accessible spots and give them a “tag” in the form of a large accessible parking symbol spray painted across the hood and or trunk and window.

The best part of the video are the reactions and comments of people when they arrive back at their cars and see they’ve been tagged. Hint, unless you speak Portuguese it is important to watch the video in full-screen-mode to read their comments. My favorite is “Isn’t there a security man around?”

My bet is, after washing the