4-Wheel-City-under-bridgeIn the heart of rural Pennsylvania, in a crowded conference ballroom filled with people of all ages and disability types, a hip-hop group from New York City brought the house down. The group, 4 Wheel City, performed gut-wrenching songs about how they became injured — gun violence — and also passed along skincare tips — “You’ve got to move if you want that pressure sore to improve/You’re in a wheelchair, you’re not dead — what?”

The afterglow from their music lingered for the rest of the 2013 Living Well With a Disability Conference. The next day, workshop and expo participants would randomly sing out, “Lift with it, lift with it … you in the manual … do a little pressure release for me …”

Was conference organizer Sarah Laucks surprised that a hip-hop group had such a positive impact on a conference whose attendees were not a typical audience? “I have never worked with a group that has such a wide