firefly-motorized-third-wheelIn the unpredictable world of the Internet, you can never predict when a video – new or old – will go viral. Recently on Facebook and social media, a slightly grainy video of a woman attaching a motorized third wheel to her manual chair and then driving through a residential neighborhood has been making the rounds.

Other than a graphic identifying the device as the “Firefly” and a brief link to a foreign website at the end, the video has no voice over, details about the device or other information. After a couple of friends shared the link, I decided to investigate.

Using the handy translate feature, I learned that the website belonged to a European distributor of mobility products made by U.S.-based Rio Mobility. In addition to the fully motorized Firefly – which can go up to 12 mph – Rio Mobility also makes similar-looking manual and assisted handcycles that can be easily attached to a manual chair. The manual handcycle attachment is called the Dragonfly, and the assisted version is the eDragonfly.

Rio Mobility’s website has a number of videos that do a better job of explai