Bbraver-handrimsHere at GearCrip, we’re dedicated to bringing you the latest, hottest tech and gear trends for the wheelchair using community. Today we’ve got something so new you can’t even buy it on its own website yet!

GearCrippers, meet the BBraver handrim. The hot-off-the-press release promises “an innovative handrim that makes using a wheelchair more comfortable and effective — all with a dash of style.” With “an exclusive ergonomic design, a non-slip coating and a quick mounting system,” the new handrims appear to be another solid option for wheelers looking to customize their rides. “When you spend your life in a wheelchair, adding a personal touch to your ‘vehicle’ can provide a measure of comfort and inspiration,” says BBraver founder Marco Pilotto.

BBraver is the Quebec-based company of Pilotto, a creative C6 quad with a desire to make living with a wheelchair easier. In 2013, BBraver won two awards from the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest and another at Quebec’s Innovation Gala.

The few photos of the handrims on the website (make sure to translate the site to English!) don’t give away much, but they appear to be made out of a grippy surface. The site says a covering of ethylene vinyl acetate translates to a better grip and easier pushing. Despite multiple mentions of color options — both online and in the release — most all the photos on the site show gray-ish handrims.

Also, don’t miss the pulse-pounding 30 second video: