fall-grapesDuring the crisp autumn months in California’s Sonoma County, you can find vineyards that explode with effervescent, fiery color, drawing in the eye like a moth to a flame. Visitors come to Sonoma County year-round, but fall reveals a distinct spectrum of illuminated color. Typically, vineyards begin to change at the very end of September and are nearly naked by December.

In the wine country, fall is known as “crush” — referring to the harvesting of grapes. The Sonoma wine country consists of several distinct regions, each with its own microclimate, so dressing in layers is recommended. Dry Creek, Alexander Valley and the Russian River are the regions that produce the most wine. The Russian River runs through Sonoma County and empties into the Pacific where ancient evergreens and the fierce ocean collide in the fog. The combination of glowing grape vines, endless evergreens, and gray-blue skies that fade into a misty ocean makes Sonoma County a unique fall destination to experience wine, food and the colors of California.

The Fruit of the Vine
Sonoma County is the perfect place to relax and spend