25Years_Logo7For the next several months, NEW MOBILITY will be celebrating 25 years of journalism by and for active wheelchair users. Join us for a look back at each period of the magazine’s history, starting with our first issues circa the passage of the ADA. Each month we’ll move down the timeline, sharing key moments in disability rights and lifestyle from almost 250 issues of NM.

2004-2006: Silver Linings

With political battles raging within and war without, 2004-2006 was a stormy time in our nation. Those of us with serious disabling conditions could not escape our own personal battles — mainstream misunderstanding of our ongoing issues, dead-end job prospects, and negative stereotyping. Dee Sandin turned to humor as a way of coping with our frustration and anger. Her columns and stories made us laugh out loud. Richard Holicky dove deep into the gang life and found a deadly struggle for survival and, surprisingly, self-determination alive and well in unlikely places. Roxanne Furlong’s profile of twins Kari and Kathi helped us see how change, even catastrophic change, can be turned to our advantage. And Jeff Shannon reminded us to look at the whole media picture, not just the parts that devalued our lives. The storm was all around us, but we found the silver linings.