jarrett2Skydiving is a family business in the Martin family. Jarrett Martin, now 24 years old, worked at his family’s Skydive business in Washington state as a kid — both his dad and grandfather were skydivers. When he was just 10 years old he went on his first skydive and when he was 14 years old he did his first solo skydive. After that, there was no looking back

In just two years by the time he was 16, Jarrett had amassed an impressive 1,000 jumps and 20 base jumps — the extreme sport of accessing a high point (usually getting there by helicopter) and jumping off. He lived and breathed skydiving. “A lot of kids growing up say they want to be like their dad,” says Jarrett, “but I really did.”

Even before he graduated from high school, Jarrett was working professionally as a skydiving instructor. He was a USPA and AFF instructor as well as a tandem instructor, and a “pro-rate” skydiver as well. Jarrett already knew what he wa