unclemikeMany wheelers, prior to sustaining a spinal cord injury or whatever else put them in a wheelchair originally, were active people who spent much of their time enjoying outdoor recreation. More and more of us are rejoining our families and friends in those same outdoor pursuits using all-terrain vehicles or utility vehicles. The main difference between the two is that UTVs can haul at least two people, seated side by side, and some can handle cargo, while ATVs are mainly for personal use.

Dave and Laurie Wall, of Sandpoint, Idaho, own two Polaris ATVs that they ride on mountain trails in the neighboring Selkirk and Cabinet mountain ranges, usually with friends who also drive ATVs. Riding in groups to share the outdoor experience provides added safety in the event of mechanical problems, accidents or medical emergencies. Dave has some mobility loss related to MS, so walking to get help is out of the question.