25Years_Logo72010-2014: Our Journey

Our final installment of NEW MOBILITY’s 25th anniversary “Legacy” section brings us to the present. We have tried to give readers a sampling of the themes and issues that have shaped our mission over the years, and of course, the voices that articulate our viewpoints. In the following stories we focus on how, intertwined with these issues, we live our individual lives. We begin with the onset of disability, whether at birth, by accident or disease. In “One Room, Two Worlds,” a mature Cindy Ranii Hall finds herself sharing a room in a rehab ward with a young woman, both at the beginning of a new journey. Trisha Stevenson, in “The 33rd Chair,” narrates a frustrating, yet humorous account of her quest for accessibility on an Amtrak train. Seth McBride, journeying abroad, expects to encounter difficulties while traveling in other cultures, in “Stir Frying My Pants.” And Bob Vogel comes full circle in his “Dad and Daughter: Epic Road Trip,” bringing our focus, and our hearts, back home.

New Mobility, January 2012

One Room, Two Worlds

Illustration by Doug Davis

by Cindy Hall Ranii
Being transferred from Stanford Hospital to the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Center