Ever dreamed of dropping everything you do, packing up an RV and just going on a long road trip? Read on to learn more about two bloggers living the wheelchair RV lifestyle.

rolling-in-a-RVRolling in a RV

Rolling in a RV” was started by Karen, a woman who was injured as a result of a hot air balloon accident in 1993. She and her husband Tony had been RV enthusiasts since the ‘70s, but the transition into the accessible RV world was definitely a big change for them.

Their first decision was choosing an accessible RV. After looking around they decided to  have one custom  built for them by the Scotty Company in Pennsylvania. They are now on their fourth Scotty home. It has a Super Arm Lift to help Karen into the RV, a roll-in shower and it’s a midsized RV so it’s relatively good on gas mileage. It is 25 feet long and doesn’t contain a bedroom — the couple folds a sofa down at night.

Karen’s RV travel blog contains thousands of entries since its launch in 2009. Karen is a prolific blogger who details her RV adventures thoroughly. You will find hundreds of accessibili