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Celebrities Behaving Badly

Kanye West
New Mobility’s Facebook page exploded as articles with headlines like this one from the United Kingdom’s Metro hit the Web: “Kanye West Stops Show to Make Sure Everyone is Standing Up, Including Fan in Wheelchair.” West let a fan who waved a prosthetic remain seated with an, “OK, you fine,” but led the audience into heckling the remaining sitting fan until, finally, he sent his bodyguard to make sure that fan really was a wheelchair user.

Kanye West“I have a three minute video of Kanye waiting for a guy in a wheelchair to stand up,” tweeted concert goer jasmyn (@dahmynn) during the Sept. 12 event.

“All the wrong people are paralyzed,” quipped Stephen Feldman, a quad, on our Facebook page. Most of the comments abandoned wit for outrage — colorful language punctuated with words like “loser”