tiff on tgThis week I went for my second hands-on experience at Project Walk and my first official appointment. No more assessments, this was the real deal, a standard two hour appointment.

After my assessment last week, they told me to check my skin to make sure I didn’t injure it in any way. Good thing they told me this — I had skidded on my left elbow, leaving it raw, unbeknownst to me. Luckily I checked, as they told me to, and luckily I heal fast. But I had to baby my elbow when I went in for Round Two of working out this week.

Instead of going on my knees and elbows like I did during my assessment, we focused on moving my hip muscles, glutes and quadriceps. This was done while I lay on an elevated table as the therapist flicked the largest muscle area of the limb we’re trying to move, trying to activate