Tim GilmerWith our 255th issue of NEW MOBILITY, we have much to celebrate. Twenty-five years of history is no small accomplishment for a modest-circulation niche magazine, especially in a difficult economy. Our largest source of revenue comes from advertising, and our advertisers come from a narrow bandwidth of dedicated companies whose products are vitally important to our readers. We are a tight community, yet we are spread out all over the United States and beyond.

As a publishing entity, we began in Boulder, Colo., the geographic center of the United States, then moved to Malibu, Calif., in 1994. Four years later we moved again, this time to the historic heart of the nation, near Philadelphia. We almost closed up shop before each move, but both times we were rescued by family-run companies with big hearts and modest wallets. We enjoyed a relatively prosperous run under Jeff Leonard’s guidance until economic chaos rattled the nation in 2007-2008. Fortunately we stayed afloat and were purchased by United Spinal Association, headquartered in New York, in 2010. Our operating base has covered the map.

With 80,000 readers, we are small but mighty, and our influence is growing, not only nationally, but globally. Two things make us strong — our reason for existing and the character of our readership.

When Sam Maddox, a journalism instructor at the University of Colorado, came up with the idea for the magazine, he recognized an evolving culture centered around