There is a great new video showing how to get a good workout at any gym in any city regardless of your wheelchair or disability. The 16-minute-long video, “Disability Gym Workout” is produced by the Active Hands Company, maker of the grip-aids for quadriplegics, and it’s narrated by Rob Smith, a fellow wheelchair-user.

Here are four tips from the video:

  1. Free Weights

If you can’t use your hands that well, it’s essential you bring a grip-aid; that way you can hold free weights, which will likely not be made for someone such as yourself. And you can stay in your chair as you use them, too. Lateral raises, bicep curls, triceps reaches … you can do it all with free weights.

  1. Stationary Weight Machines

Many stationary weight machines, like the shoulder press and seated row machine, can be used by wheelchair-users. You may need to transfer, but many have pulleys and other weight worko