Chelsey Jay Reynolds, a 23 year old fashion model from the United Kingdom, is on a mission to change her industry. She’s off to a good start as her PSA, “Embrace, Don’t Exclude,” has over 70,000 hits. Check it out:


“Sometimes in life shi**y little things can happen to you. You just got to get on with it.” This is Chelsey Jay’s mantra, and she has had her share of it, to be sure. In 2012, Chelsey Jay began to have a dangerous thing happen every time she stood up — she would faint every time. Finally, doctors discovered what was causing this mysterious condition — postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. She is now a wheelchair-user full-time, and some would say this was fated, considering her budding role in the fashion world.

I love seeing the youth of this world come to age like Chelsey Jay and strive to make a difference. It gives me so much hope for the future. Ten years ago and more, other people with disabilities were trying to do the same thing, but they’ve seemed to have quieted down. Chelsey, however, is on Sky News and all over the media, not to mention landing modeling contracts and taking charge of