Misleading Title?
While I always enjoy reading up on the new adaptive tech innovations that come out every year, my concern is that calling this issue a “Consumer Guide” may be misleading

[November 2014]. When I think of a consumer guide, I expect actual product reviews — both positive and critical — regarding quality, reliability, ease of use, etc., of the products described. Unless the New Mobility staff have tested and can personally vouch for everything they feature, I would suggest changing the title of the issue to something more appropriate, like “free promotion for your advertisers.”
Karen Hwang
Walnut Creek, California

Free Exercise Program
I work for the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability, and I just read your article, “Exercises for Quads” [October 2014]. We have a program I think your readers might be interested in, a free online high intensity workout program designed for individuals of all ability levels. Every day a new workout is posted and visitors can self-select what ability level they choose to do. There is nothing in it (monetarily) for us. My husband has paraplegia, and I designed the program for him. I know that there are probably others out there who could benefit from it as well. You can check it out at www.nchpad.org/CRx.
Kelly Bonner
Birmingham, Alabama

All Terrain Vehicles
Really enjoyed reading your Bully Pulpit in New Mobility this morning [“My Top Four Products,” November 2014]. My injury level is T12 and I’