Greatest Days of My Life
I read the 25th Anniversary issue of NEW MOBILITY

[December 2014], and I can’t help think of the wonderful memories while owning and operating NM. You’re right, NM was run from my heart — and during my 12-year run, we changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities — something I will always be very proud of. And again, you are absolutely correct that NM was run from a modest wallet — so much so that during those 12 years it was a substantial financial burden to keep NM afloat. But together we produced the world’s greatest and most influential title for people living their life on wheels.

I can only hope you keep producing NEW MOBILITY to make the visions and dreams of wheelchair users come true. One thing I hope is never forgotten — working with the staff and engaging with the readers of NM during my tenure were without a doubt the greatest days of my life.
Jeffrey Leonard
NM Publisher, 1998-2010

Accessible Fitness Center
Regarding your Bully Pulpit [NM, December 2014] about lack of access to fitness club swimming pools, I’ve been a member of Snap Fitness for a few years. And I’ve always been frustrated by the gym’s failure (inability?) to see the money in the disabled and senior markets. Prime example: Last year, the Placerville Mobility Support Group offered to purchase, ship and install a high quality raised exercise mat for Snap. But their corporate offices in Michigan or Minnesota or Missouri didn’t like the idea.

Now, tell me: What corporate mogul turns his or her head at a $4,000 freebie; that, and a bunch of super ink? I even did their (nonexistent) market survey. El Dorado County’s growing “boomer” population, plus a growing disabilities population, combine for over 10,000. Say you get real lucky and sign up on