So Far,So Good!So Far, So Good!
The Saga of a Broken Neck, and the Good Life that Can Follow
by Lee D. Goldstein
Untreed Reads ebook (2013), print (2015), 199 pages.
Available at,, or anywhere ebooks and print books are sold.
Reviewed by Tim Gilmer

The subtitle of this book is “The Saga of a Broken Neck, and the Good Life that Can Follow” — an apt description of a well-written, focused autobiography of a (now) 82-year-old quad who was injured in the 1940s and is living a truly remarkable life.

Lee Goldstein first contacted NEW MOBILITY several months ago, pitching his book on the claim that the Guinness Book of World Records now recognizes him as the oldest living quadriplegic. Putting my natural skepticism aside (who’s keeping records?), I started reading, and from the first page I knew I was in the hands of a skilled writer and engaging storyteller, someone who had distilled valuable lessons, useful information, and uplifting humor from a life rich in relationshi