unclemikeIn its most expansive use of the term, collector car can mean any vehicle that some person thinks is worthy of keeping or collecting. It may refer to an antique over 100 years old, or even a newer high-horsepower exotic sports car so expensive it is rarely seen on city streets. One thing they have in common is a collector who finds them worthy of owning — and many of those owners need hand controls to drive their prized vehicles.

Collecting and restoring cars can be an addictive activity, and for some young people it started because their fathers were car collectors. Bryan King, a T3 para who lives in Imperial, Calif., received his first “muscle car” from his dad at age 9. That 1968 Camaro SS — worked on by the two of them for several years — was fully restored by the time Bryan graduated from high school. After his spinal cord injury in 2001, he reluctantly converted his Camaro to an automatic transmission, and has also restored and customized a 1959 Chevy pickup. The truck is equipped with air bags and hydraulic shocks that drop it to ground level, and has a lift for swinging his wheelchair into the back of the pickup so it will ride under the fiberglass bed cover.