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Oklahoma: Preventing the Unthinkable

In 2009, the unthinkable almost happened when the Oklahoma Health Care Authority came close to stopping providing durable medical equipment to anyone over the age of 21. United Spinal’s Oklahoma chapter, NeuroResources, banded together with other affiliated nonprofit agencies to battle this important issue. From those efforts, the “Wheels of Change Advocacy Network” arose and soon after, the group was able to successfully advocate to stop the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Despite the victory, advocates knew the fight was not over.

The roots of the dangerous current situation have been exposed over the last few years. Oklahoma was one of a handful of states that elected not to accept the Affordable Care Act funding. The Health Care Authority attempted to cut access to catheters and so severely reduce reimbursement to DME that in 2014 the majority of DME suppliers threatened to cease providing equipment to Medicaid recipients. In 2015 the Oklahoma Health Care Authority is again threatening cuts that could destro