Regan-stagePhotos by Jenny Graham

She may be a villainous, butch war vet in the afternoon, only to morph into a graceful and glamorous otherworldly woman of mystery in the evening. In the past she’s been a barroom whore, a sideshow attraction worthy of American Horror Story, a tin woman and a steel magnolia. Regan Linton is a woman of many faces. Only 33, this T4 para has performed all of the aforementioned roles on professional stages.

But getting to this point in her life hasn’t been easy. It has been a process of gradual transformation, of finding out just who Regan Linton is.

She began acting in middle school about the time her parents were splitting up. “I was also navigating lots of female body image issues,” she recalls, “and acting allowed me to be someone else.” Later, in high school, when forced to choose between theater and sports, acting and singing won.