Reset Priorities
Great piece! This intensive exercise approach by ADAPT, Project Walk, and others is a lifesaver

[“Second Chance Rehab,” April 2015]. My wife, injured at C5-6 incomplete, was lucky to discover SCI-FIT in Northern California It gave her hope, and the staff are now family. She is now a “walkin’ quad” and no doubt will see more independence as a result of this type of therapy. My advice to anyone with mobility struggles, be it from SCI, multiple sclerosis, stroke or whatever, is find a SCI-FIT type of rehab, or help start one, and you will never regret the expense. You will reset your priorities to make it a part of your life.
Carey Chenowith
Sausalito, California

Brain in a Bottle
My wonderful wife Debra researched a bunch last year and discovered ADAPT [“Second Chance Rehab”]. Just today I was up there for my session, even though this does involve a five-hour round trip drive with six stops for weight shifts (I am labeled a quad with a need for tilting my chair to minimize skin breakdown). My physical therapist is Orlando, and for the last few months I have been impressed with his skill, creativity and great sense of humor. I do not approach this more active form of exercise with false hope, though the sky is the limit. For me, even if nerves do not wake up, I definitely feel stronger