Turning to Veganism and Stem Cells
Wes BandemerGrowing up, Wes Bandemer, 25, Morgan City, La., was all about staying physically active. “I was always doing something physical every single day,” he says. “I didn’t have a computer and rarely touched video games,” and then I lost it all, not even being able to shrug my shoulders.”

A C3-7 incomplete quad, Bandemer was injured in a motocross race in 2005. “I held the gas a little long on a right sweeping turn before the finish line jump,” he says. He flew off his bike, shattering his C4 vertebra.

For someone so physical before his injury, he’s determined to heal, and even though it’s 11 years later, he’s still in recovery mode. Bandemer first traveled to Germany for an adult stem cell bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, the procedure didn’t produce any results.

Next he traveled to India for embryonic stem cell injections, and it was there he saw the first return below his level of injury. “I regained significant strength and movement in my arms. Mainly in my biceps,” he says, “but also a lot of return in core strength and even some flickering in my toes.”

Bandemer says he would have seen even more return if he h