Emily-webWhen you use a wheelchair, dating presents its own series of problems. I have heard everything from “It’s such a shame, you’re so pretty” to ” I don’t want to take care of you.”

Well! Who asked you to? I may be paralyzed, but I’m independent.


My rare conditions have stumped doctors since 2003. After multiple brain surgeries, I slowly stopped walking. Eventually, I used a walker that allowed me to slide my feet across the floor, as I could no longer lift them up. One day, I stood up, hit the floor and never walked again.

I learned very quickly about a medical world I had no prior knowledge of: aides, Medicare and wheelchairs. It was frustrating to deal with all the red tape trying to get supplies that I needed. Having someone help me with tasks I had performed all of my life on my own took some getting used to.

I dated nondisabled peo