Ross MeglatheryAbout Me
As the newly minted director, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and discuss my vision for the direction of VetsFirst. First off, I want to let you know just how delighted I am to be working for VetsFirst and to be advocating for our United Spinal Association veterans. I would also like to recognize how fortunate I am to be working under the leadership and tutelage of Jim Weisman, who as I am sure you know, has taken the helm of United Spinal as its CEO. He has served the members of United Spinal for over 35 years, and I am appreciative that I can look to such an experienced advocate for any and all support. Additionally, I would also like to thank Joe Gaskins for his leadership. He has positioned Jim for success as CEO and I have the continued good fortune to work with Joe to fundraise in order to support future VetsFirst initiatives.

A little about myself: Upon graduation from college, I was commissioned as a Marine officer. In this capacity, I served a tour in Western Sahara, Africa, as a United Nations military observer and two combat tours in Iraq as an artillery officer and joint terminal attack controller. Upon leaving active duty, I became a national security and defense consultant where I worked supporting the federal government. While serving in the Marine Corps Reserve, I was selected to become a Congressional Marine Fellow where I worked for a member of Congress who was on the House Armed Services Committee. Following the fellowship, I went back to consulting but realized it was not my passion. Therefore, I attended graduate school and earned a master’s degree in public administration. As luck has it, VetsFirst was looking for a new director, and that is how I arrived at a job that supports my goals of serving my fellow countrymen and the veteran community.

As a combat wounded v