Michael CollinsQ. I am paralyzed due to childhood polio and was bedridden for more than two weeks last month because my power chair (bought through Medicare) broke down and the vendor who sold it to me was so busy that they could not even look at it until 10 days later. They did say they could check it sooner if I brought it into their shop, but I don’t have my own transportation, and there is no way an inoperable wheelchair could travel by itself on a bus. When the problem was finally diagnosed, they advised me I would need to pay extra for expedited shipping of the part that was needed unless I wanted to wait another week for the repair.

I need some guidance about what to do the next time this occurs. Lying in bed all day and night made me realize how dependent I am on services out there in the “real world,” and it is depressing. If I was working outside the home right now, I wouldn’t be able to get to my job.