Great Idea, Too Expensive
As a wheelchair user for over 35 years, and being in the healthcare industry, I think this product

[Lillypad Scale] is a great idea [“Finally, A Home Wheelchair Scale,” November 2015]. Having said that, I find it very disappointing that the developer wants to charge nearly $700 [$638] for this product. I get tired of paying outrageous prices for products because they are created to support the wheelchair user. Is research and development that expensive?!
Bubba McIntosh

A Simpler Way
Years ago when I was still using a lightweight manual chair, I bought a metal device that fit over a standard bathroom scale — just had to pop a wheelie to get on it. Then you had to balance on it and make sure it wasn’t touching the floor on either end (which wasn’t too hard to do) to get your weight. It worked pretty darn well and, as I recall, didn’t cost that much.
Julie A. Wysocki

More Affordable Power Devices?
Wouldn’t a scooter that disassembles into 35 pounds of parts or less be much more affordable? [“The Spinergy ZX-1,” November 2015]. I’m in this same situation now: I love my manual lightweight wheelchair, but I’m losing stamina and can’t deal with inclines well. I don’t want a van yet, and my SUV is a bit long to put a carrier on the back.
Maureen Bennett

Spend Wisely and Save
Every time I read an editorial like this one [“The Numbers Game,” Bully Pulpit, November 2015] I think of The Three-Penn