Our Moms Are Thrilled
Josephine and I want to say, thank you

[for featuring us in “What Makes Us Happy,” December 2015]. Best thing, our moms are thrilled!
Randy Alexander
Tubby Creek Farm, Ashland, Mississippi

New Visitability Law
Buying a First Home” [December 2015] was a great read. It underscores the need to bring visitability principles and related basic access issues into the home builders market. Even those of us who have accessible homes and have experienced modification hardships, financial challenges and related obstacles are still unable to visit our neighbors. I hope NEW MOBILITY will follow the new federal Eleanor Smith bill regarding home accessibility standards. This is a critical need as the population continues to age and more people are needing basic access within their homes.
JR Harding
Tallahassee, Florida

Caregiver Economics
There’s simply no way to get around the issue of “family income” [“The Great Caregiver Quest,” December 2015]. If a spouse is employed or the person with a disability is employed, there’s a whole chunk of money to be paid just, for example, to get your butt out of bed and maybe take a shower a couple of times a week. It’s worse in rural areas. I live 10 miles from a town of 15,000 and 25 miles from a city of 150,000. I’m forced to pay more simply to get the caregiver here.

Shall we talk about being an “employer?” Every caregiver is paid, and the best we can hope for is to dodge a bullet by saying they’re contract employees. Yeah, but did you report that