Person of the Year
I applaud and thank Reveca for everything she has accomplished through Backbones

[“Person of the Year: Reveca Torres,” January 2016]. Reveca has channeled her enthusiasm and creativity into making Backbones a great way for people with disabilities to connect and express themselves. I can’t wait until the app is available. She is breaking down barriers for everyone with a disability.
Carlos Saez, Independent Driving Systems
Houston, Texas

POY Well-Deserved
Reveca is an amazing spirit and well-deserved Person of the Year!
Ellen Stohl
Northridge, California

Generous Heart
Reveca is an inspiration to all of us! Amazing energy and a generous heart!
Sudesh Kannan

Snorkeling’s the Best
We love Cancun! [“Mexico’s Yucatan,” January 2016]. We usually stay at the Royal Caribbean/Royal Islander resort [twin “neighbor” resorts]. They have a pool lift (under a tarp in the bar area) and a wheelchair cabana. The whole place has ramps and wide-enough doorways. The only hard part is the ramp to get in the hotel is extremely steep, and it takes you to, of course, the freight elevator. But we have returned to that resort four or five times. We loved Chichen Itza, but thought Tulum was way too much work. My favorite thing is snorkeling! It’s the closest I’ve found to not being a wheelchair user for a few hours.
Carrie Lamont

AJ Brockman: Soul Food
A most inspiring story of two amazing people [“<