Handcycling is a popular sport for good reason.

It provides a freedom akin to the feeling of gliding and allows for distant exploration, from neighborhood rides to road trails. In addition, the combination of being outside, getting a cardiovascular workout and socializing with fellow cyclists, joggers and new friends you meet on a ride is a natural mood enhancer.

For your riding enjoyment, here are seven popular handcycle options:

1. Freedom Ryder FRH-1Q350X with BionX Power Assist


“When I found out the Freedom Ryder was designed for a quad and had the BionX system, I was sold,” says Jason Hall, 40, a C5-6 quad from Muskego, Wisconsin. He especially loves the BionX power assist system. “Being able to dial in the amount of assistance I want makes all the difference,” he says. “I was able to join my wife and kids and keep up at their speed and distance on the first day, instead of taking years to build up to that fitness level. And the more I ride, the less assist I need, so I’m getting a great workout and having a blast on every ride.”

In addition to exercise, Hall says being in a reclined position has loosened up the muscles in his hips and reduced his spasticity.

Factoids: Freedom Ryder offers seven models of handcycles starting at $2,995. The FRH-1Q350X i