Michael CollinsQ. Some local advocates have made a proposal to our county council to adopt a new version of the symbol that appears in all of the accessible parking spaces in our community. I feel that this change will be a distraction from the very limited progress we have made in trying to get the ADA accepted and implemented. Am I wrong to think that this change is unnecessary and may even be illegal?

When I read through the many documents referring to the ADA, I see photos and illustrations that refer to the figure in the wheelchair as the International Symbol of Accessibility. If this is truly an international symbol, and a part of our laws, why would changing it locally be acceptable? There is currently little, if any, enforcement of our parking regulations, even though signs displaying the ISA are in place at the head of parking spaces and painted on the ground. There is much more ADA enforcement needed before we start changing any signs.

— Still Seeking More Parking

A. Those pushing for this change are introducing the new symbol through businesses and at lower levels of government — states, cities and counties. One of the problems with that approach is that the ISA is not just a local symbol. It actually o