Handsfree-FleximugThe Fleximug is an exciting new hands-free drinking mug aimed at solving the ages old problem of making it easy for wheelchair users to hydrate.

With a slick stainless steel finish and 20 ounce capacity, the Fleximug resembles a high-end mug you’d buy at Starbucks or REI, but what separates it is some smart design and a highly-adjustable flexible straw.

The straw allows you to bend and twist it so you don’t have to move your head to sip and a patented air vent means you won’t have to suck so hard to get the fluids you want — a nice feature for many chair users with limited lung function.

“We know we’re not the first adaptive mug out there,” says Fleximug CEO and founder David Cardell, “but we want to be the best.”

Colin drinks from Fleximug

Colin Christopher stays hydrated with the Fleximug.

Like so many great inventions, the Fleximug was designed out of need. Cardell’s mom lived with progressive MS for 30 years and by the end was effectively quadriplegic and unable to reach for or grasp cups and drinks. Cardell’s dad built an initial prototype by drilling a hole in a store-bought mug and putting a long straw in it. Over time Cardell and family revised the design. In 2013, Cardell’s mom passed, and on her death bed she encouraged him to keep refining the design so it could help others like it had her.

I’ve been using the Fleximug the last few days and think it could be a real winner for users with limited to no arm function. The flexible straw is well-designed and stays wherever you bend — something I’ve had issues with in the past. The way the straw locks into the mug is also nice and I appreciate not having to blow out a lung to get my drink. The straw is thick and seems like it will hold up well to whatever combo of sucking/biting you choose. Cardell also said the straw is easily replaceable. The Fleximug is dishwasher safe and comes with a cleaning brush, which will surely be handy after repeated use.

At $74.95 on Amazon.com, the Fleximug isn’t cheap, but it is well designed and for some it could be the difference between staying hydrated or dealing with UTIs and other problems. For an additional $19.95 you can buy a clamp-on cupholder specifically designed for the Fleximug. You can choose between 24 inch, 28 inch, 32 inch and 36 inch straws.

Find out more about the Fleximug at www.fleximug.com.