Like Any Other Mom
I am excited about the new trend in advertising using real people, especially people with disabilities

[“Is Ad Land Really Changing?” April 2016]. I was lucky enough to be in an amazing Minute Maid spot with my daughter last year. It was re-edited for 2016 and was just released. In it I am just a mom like any other mom. You can see it here:
Ellen Stohl
Northridge, California

Tweaking Mount Rushmore
Loved Mike Ervin’s idea for more Mount Rushmores! [Ervin: “Mount Rushmore for Cripples,” April 2016]. I’d like to add another category: Wheelchair and Ventilator Mount Rushmore. I came across these very famous folks while communing with my late husband, Paul Kahn (a playwright, poet and general Renaissance man). They changed their names (slightly) as they acquired more equipment. For instance:

Henri de Too Loose La Trach, 19th century artist (they didn’t have Velcro in those days and his trach collar kept coming loose); Catheter Hepburn; Valve Kilmer; Saline Dion.
Ruth Kahn
Boston, Massachusetts

More Options
I noticed in the “Traveling Mobility Technology” piece by M