Lou-and-WillGiven that I am approaching my 33rd year as a quadriplegic, I was immediately interested in Me Before You when I first saw a preview of it in a theater a few months ago.

My initial reaction was similar to many others with disabilities: Why wasn’t an actor with a disability cast in the lead role? But I felt that I couldn’t make an informed decision until I read the book and then saw the movie. Now that I have done both, I want to offer my perspective.

Many people with disabilities are extremely angry about the movie and even protested it because it results in the lead character, Will Traynor, choosing to die. His notion that dying would be better than living with a disability is anathema to many in the disability community who feel this sends a negative message to society that a disabled life is not worth as much as a nondisabled life.

I can understand why so many people with disabilities have this view, but writing off the whole movie as terrible b