Gas-Powered Go-Machine
Many outdoor power chairs claim king of the hill rights, but the TracFab chair made by tTracFabwo cousins in rural Pennsylvania may be the rightful heir. The cousins’ brainchild was initially invented for their ailing grandmother. Wanting to help grandma explore the family property, they installed rubber tracks on her scooter.

This design eventually morphed into the modern-day TracFab, which has rubberized tracks and either a 30-inch or 36-inch base. It also has a model that runs on gasoline, making it powerful and long-lasting in the energy department. The 30-inch model can also fit in most vans, which is unheard of in the 4×4 chair market. Other noteworthy features include its exclusive patent-pending adjustable seat suspension, which changes “on the fly” depending on the surface you’re on.

The TracFab also has removable armrests to make transferring a cinch — a nice touch to see on such a beefy machine. Cost: $11,995 (30-inch model) to $13,9