Alex-Ghenis-podcastsJust a few years ago, I discovered a thing that makes those little trips around town a whole lot better. That thing, my friends, is the wonder of podcasts.

As I’m rolling around town, I always see people with their phones out, looking down as they stroll through the center of the sidewalk.

It’s pretty annoying to see – and often leads to some near-misses for those of us rolling the other direction – but they are also doing it for a reason. That’s because going around town takes a while, especially at walking speed, and a phone gives people something to look at, to read or text friends or follow Pokémon on those long trips. It makes those trips a bit fun or even productive instead of being wasted time, and that little extra fun and productivity is always a good thing.

Unfortunately, as someone in the chair, I don’t have that luxury of playing with my phone. I just can’t scroll through my Android as I’m speeding 7 miles-per-hour down the sidewalk or bike lane. One hand is on my joystick and my fingers don’t work to hold the phone with the other – plus, I’ve got to keep my eyes ahead at