adaptive-rowing-ron-goldI’ve always loved water sports — swimming, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving — but until my recent discovery of adaptive rowing, the only water I’ve sported in has been in the shower.

Since a bicycling accident that left me a paraplegic almost five years ago, I’ve been under doctor’s orders to stay away from the pool, the ocean, and the lake. A sleepy driver slammed into me head on, and the force of the impact thrust me off my bicycle and my femur through my thigh. Today, I still have an open thigh wound, so no water for me.

For years now, I’ve been yearning to go into the water. If I couldn’t go in, maybe I could go on.

Adaptive Rowing

I was drawn to rowing because I knew it would make me feel as if I was in the water again. If I could go out on the water, I could try to capture the