What About Price?
Nobody seems to address the price of medical marijuana

[“Medical Marijuana 2.0 — Stirring the Pot,” July 2016]. How can anyone living on Social Security and Medicaid/Medicare afford it? In Arizona where I live it costs $250 a year just for the card.
Kirk Sketchley
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Grateful and Happy
I really appreciated this article [“Learning to Say Yes,” July 2016], especially the parts about one’s life not having to be smaller because of the injury, and the points about post-traumatic growth. I know mentally and spiritually I am different/better because of my injury, and for that I am very grateful. And happy.
Kelly McCall
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Just in Time
I needed this article [“Learning to Say Yes”] as I’m a T4 para, 11 months post-injury, and recently really struggling with the changes I’m being forced to make. Thank you for sharing this!
Carissa Bennett
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Right to Drive
The restrictions and costs to vehicles with adaptive driving equipment are directly related to involvement of lawyers and litigation [“Your Right to Drive