Great Travel Destination
As a quadriplegic for over 33 years, I was fascinated to read the “Wheeling in Cuba” article

[August 2016]. Approximately 15 years ago I traveled to Key West, and at that point I thought to myself that Cuba, only 90 miles away, would be a great travel destination. This article shows that although accessibility is very limited, the time is now for Cuba to become a wonderful destination for individuals with physical disabilities. The article also made me appreciate so many of the accessibility amenities that we have in the U.S. as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Sheri Denkensohn-Trott

Now We See
What is Cuban life really like? Now we finally get a glimpse, along with three wheelers with SCIs who set off on a quest of a lifetime to get a firsthand look at Cuban society through their unique lens [“Wheeling in Cuba”]. I began reading the piece with an idea that I would encounter frustratingly chuckle-worthy accessibility disasters as the travelers recounted tales from an archaic land. There were some, but many more delightful surprises than not.
Richard Bagby

Parking Abuse Issues
The problem is not “regular” people using disabled parking spots without a decal, it’s all the fake disabled people using accessible parking spots [“7 Hard-Core Parking Abuse Strategies,” August 18, 2016 blog].