Tammy is Deserving
My friend Dan Bauer feels this piece in NM about Congressperson Duckworth was very informative

[“Tammy Duckworth: Our Champion in Congress,” October 2016]. His recommendation: Ms. Duckworth deserves the honor of being named NEW MOBILITY’s Person of the Year.
Patricia Hendren (for Dan Bauer)
Louisville, Kentucky

Chill Mitchell
I was there the night he had his accident, I called 911, I got down on the ground and tried to comfort him [“Actor Chill Mitchell Conquers Hollywood,” September 2016]. I made the police know who he was and saw them perk up when I said he was an actor on The John Larroquette Show. His grandmother and my dad were cousins. I am so happy to see how he has not allowed what happened to handicap him.
Patricia Aiken Nelson
via newmobilility.com

Chill’s Attitude
“No time for crying. I can do that Later.” Love it [“Actor Chill…”].
Kareema Lee Marie
via newmobility.com

Rx for Diabetes
Unless induced by chronic steroid use, type 2 diabetes is generally thought to be caused by the inability of the pancreas to make sufficient insulin to regulate glucose metabolism when insulin resistance is present in muscle, liver, and fat cells [“Diabetes and SCI: Control Your Carbs and Exercise,” October 2016]. What drives insulin resistance? Physical inactivity, excess abdominal fat, certain foods, poor sleep, stress, tobacco use, and chronic inflammation, among other things. Knowing your risk for T2D can help you prevent